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Human beings have amazing potential.  Acceptance of who we are and where we are in our journey supports wisdom in our path.

You were born as conscious awareness, one with everything in existence, joyously experiencing and expressing as pure Love.  Your entire world changed the moment you accepted the belief in separation and gave up your awareness that you are Love and one with everything.  This is the core factor that influences all your current choices and decisions.

The loss of a spouse leads a man on a journey into the mountains, where he discovers hope again. First live recording from Melissa (composer) and Mark (Narrator).  

6 girls were left behind when their father took his life on February 27, 2017.  The story is a healing story for the family and a message for each of the 6 girls.

A suicide left a community hurting, and looking for ways to support a family and two sons who were wanting answers and healing and to let go of pain, guilt, remorse, and all that was left behind.  

“My mother listened to “Hope After Loss” and was so moved emotionally she couldn’t continue with the story. It is amazing that every one of the six girls is represented and there is a message for each of them in there. Amazing. Healing. Powerful.” – Melissa

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