Affiliate Programs

Affiliate Programs

These programs have been developed by some of our trusted affiliates. They are designed to support health and well-being, optimal performance in life and work and ultimately, a life of purpose and joy.

Coach Yourself to Change



The Beatitudes Practice is intended to encourage people of all faiths and all walks of life to reach for a greater level of joy, purpose, and wisdom within their own lives. It’s a practice that leads us to that space between two pillars in time; where one is resurrected from the old and into a new and better version of themselves. It is drawn from ancient wisdom, first brought forth by Jesus at the Sermon on the Mount (Matt.5:3-11). The Beatitudes Practice illuminates a path of enlightenment through accessible language, easy to follow parables, and powerful exercises.  You will marvel as your innate guidance system activates and reveals a path to your optimal life.

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