Mentoring & Support

Mentoring & Support

Journey’s Dream offers personal one-on-one mentoring  and support for individuals and families who are affected by mental health challenges. You may discuss any topic with your mentor: relationships, work, money, faith, addictions, struggles, successes, opportunities, etc.  

 Our mentors have had their own firsthand experience with mental illness, transformation and recovery. Each mentor’s skills have been honed through thousands of hours of training and refinement. Though mentors offer shared experiences, they do not give advice. The introduction of tools and support systems empower individuals on their own path to well-being.

Your mentor’s responsibility is to consistently see the highest and best in you, which  supports you experiencing that in yourself consistently. In addition, mentors have a highly developed sense of intuition that allows them to meet you where you are, helping you uncover and resolve core challenges. The results are truly remarkable.


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