Our Founders

Mark Hattas

Mark Hattas has, amongst other accomplishments, started, built and sold a $20M/yr tech company. He was later diagnosed with Bipolar I Disorder and told there was no cure.  Mark didn’t believe that prognosis and searched for solutions. Thanks to a divine hand, he found them and is fully healthy now. Part of Mark’s mission is to support everyone in finding their path to optimal health.  One way he does this is through Hattas Shay International Foundation’s www.journeysdream.org.  Mark uses his experience to help others as a guide.  He also is a speaker, author, teacher, and advocate for all people living healthy and vibrant lives free from mental illness.  He envisions a future where mental illness is seen as the gift it is and our society supports transformation to optimal health consistently.

Rex Montague-Bauer

For 30 years Rex has supported others in transforming their lives by listening to and connecting more deeply with their innate, intuitive guidance. When his son Journey Shay was diagnosed with a mental illness and died 4 years later, he was motivated with renewed passion to uplift and support anyone struggling with mental health challenges with solutions-based options and programs. This life changing personal experience inspired Rex to co-found Hattas Shay International Foundation and its flagship project, Journey’s Dream.  Rex is also the co-founder of Rookha Group, Inc. and the co-creator of the Optimal Being program. His vision and heartfelt desire are that all people achieve and sustain optimal health, joy and well-being.

Mitzi Montague-Bauer

Mitzi has spent her entire career supporting people through life’s most transformative moments—from birth to death. During her 30+ years as a doula, Mitzi has owned her own successful doula practice, was the co-owner of a freestanding birth center, and has the privilege of assisting in over 500 births. Mitzi recently published a personal memoir, Journey: A Mother’s Account of Love, Loss and Spiritual Healing which is a compelling story about her journey as a mother whose son was diagnosed with mental illness. It is Mitzi’s hope that her book, and the vision of HSI and Journey’s Dream, will help others find their path to peace, love, and optimal wellness.

Breaha Wallin

Breaha Wallin is a communications expert whose career experience includes public affairs with Fortune 50, The Dow Chemical Company, and managing a $1M budget and global communications for joint venture Dow Kokam. In 2013, Breaha founded Breaha Wallin Communications, providing strategic counsel to corporate and non-profit clients across the United States. Following her brother Journey’s struggle with mental health challenges and subsequent death in 2013, Breaha was inspired to co-found Hattas Shay International Foundation and Journey’s Dream. Through this work, Breaha shares hope where often there’s despair; co-creating a world where mental health recovery is the mainstream expectation and everyone has access to excellent, multi-faceted care.