Council of Advisors

Journey’s Dream is honored to have the following experts in their fields on our Advisory Council. In this capacity, they share their expertise in support of our mission to gather, develop and share the most innovative, effective solutions for mental health.

Hugh Ballou

Hugh Ballou is a Transformational Leadership Strategist, Executive Coach, Trainer, and Motivational Speaker. After forty years of musical conducting experience, he now works as an executive coach, process facilitator, trainer, and motivational speaker teaching leaders in many diverse fields the fine-tuned skills employed every day by orchestral conductors. Hugh is the author of eight books on Transformational Leadership and is a recognized expert in working with leaders in churches, religious organizations, and business and non-profit communities. As President of SynerVision Leadership Foundation, Hugh guides the life-changing, life-saving global impact of churches and nonprofit organizations. His mission is to empower nonprofit organizations to move beyond maintenance thinking to success mentality, such that their mission and impact is greatly magnified.

Morey Cater

Morey Cater has over 30 years of experience in communications consulting, journalism and public policy. She is the Founding Principal and President of Cater Communications. Based near San Francisco, with offices across the United States, Cater Communications is a bipartisan firm specializing in communications & public policy strategies that promote a clean energy future. Cater is a recognized expert on climate and clean energy issues. Throughout her career, she has focused on the critical role of communications in achieving social change, designing and implementing strategic initiatives and campaigns for a wide range of clients. She speaks regularly on the national stage, including at the 2013 TED conference, where she spoke about Bridging the Partisan Divide over Climate. Prior to founding Cater Communications, she produced nationally acclaimed, award-winning films on social and political issues for PBS’s Frontline and for ABC News.

Cater holds an A.B. in Political Theory and Religion from Harvard College. She lives with her husband, Peter Scheer, and four children in San Rafael,  California.

Joshua Phair

Joshua S Phair is a multi-talented, highly sought after consultant, coach, author, and speaker with over 15 years in the sales and marketing industry. He also has expertise in developing highly effective, win-win compensation strategies. He currently helps entrepreneurs reach success through internet marketing; assisting them to drive highly targeted traffic to their businesses. Joshua is also currently serving as Chief Visionary Officer of The Atlas Project & The Lucis Project in Provo, Utah. His mission is to build a Collaborative Capitalist, Open Source and anonymous, platform allowing the greatest minds in the world to come together without fear of the competitive tactics that currently prevent the little guy from releasing innovations.


Zachary Wallin

Zachary Wallin is proud to support Journey’s Dream as a member of the Advisory Council, furthering the message that “hope is here”.  With degrees in Health Care Systems Administration and Radiography, and more than 10 years employment as a radiographer and manager of imaging, Zachary offers valuable insight into the healthcare field. Personally and professionally, he strives to provide long term solutions for those in need. He is thrilled that his expertise and experience can now help Journey’s Dream reach people across the world, improving lives on a much larger scale.



Dr. Susan Fenek

Dr. Susan Fenek has over 13 years of professional experience in three key areas of expertise, including Corporate Executive Business, Academia, and Psychology. Her strong leadership and management skills, combined with a high level of self-motivation and problem solving abilities have enabled her to be highly effective working in diverse environments, including Special Assistant to the President at The American University in Dubai, and as a powerful advocate for change in the juvenile justice system. In this role she has developed a Course, “Juvenile Justice Secrets: Is Your Child Next?”, written a screenplay, “Jumpsuit Shackle”, and authored  numerous articles.

Tim Rhodes

Tim Rhodes is an executive leadership consultant, author, and pastor. He led a successful turn-around of a $100 million international human services organization, founded a church, and was a Ringling Brothers Clown.
Tim has served on domestic and international, corporate and non-profit boards for over 40 years including human service, insurance, ESOP, health care, education, religious, and arts organizations. He is currently serving a graduate school trusteeship and chairs an audit committee.  We are delighted to welcome Tim as the most recent addition to our Council of Advisors.

Susan M. Beckman, MA, LPC

Susan Beckman is a Licensed Professional Counselor with over 32 years’ experience in helping adolescents, adults and families through mental health challenges. She currently works in Children’s Emergency Services at Community Mental Health, performing evaluations for inpatient psychiatric hospitalizations and conducting intensive, short-term therapy with compassion and skill, meeting multiple times a week with families at the height of their crises. She is trained in evidence-based therapeutic approaches such as CBT, DBT and Trauma-focused Therapy among others. She is a teacher of Love and Logic Parenting and is a Certified Clinical Supervisor.  Susan also has her own practice where she works with those struggling with anxiety and depression, utilizing her wealth of therapeutic knowledge, holistic health and spiritual/mindfulness practices.

dr. michael ryce

dr. michael ryce is an acclaimed lecturer, teacher, and author on health and healing, as well as founder of HeartLand Teaching Center; a self-healing center in the Ozark mountains. His book, Why Is This Happening To Me . . . Again?! is an international best seller. With doctorates in Naturopathic Medicine and Holistic Philosophy, he has combined body/mind principles, physics, and ancient Aramaic studies into a unique body of pioneering work in the fields of self-healing, healing through relationships, anger and grief resolution, and the inner process of Forgiveness. The tools developed through dr. ryce’s 50 years of research and synthesis are one of the foundational elements of our Optimal Beng Program.

Jerri Nicole Wright

Growing up in the foster care system in Michigan, Jerri Nicole never felt safe or truly loved. During her second year of college, she developed mental illness. She sought help through Community Mental Health (CMH) in Lansing, Michigan. With the help of CMH, a  psycho-social rehabilitation program called Charter House, and mastering the skills called Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Jerri gradually found recovery.

Today Jerri is aligned with NAMI (National Alliance for Mental Illness) of Lansing where she speaks publicly sharing her story and her understanding of recovery. She is trained as a peer support specialist and is employed part-time at  Michigan State University in the Brody dining hall. Jerri Nicole is living her dream as an advocate and a voice for others with mental illness.

Kanika Lal

Kanika Lal moved to Los Angeles immediately after earning her bachelor’s degree in broadcast journalism from Boston University.

She is an Indian-American, SAG-Eligible television journalist, actress and entrepreneur. Her credits range from being a digital news writer for The Hollywood Reporter to winning a reality show on Zee TV to freelancing at Tastemade, where she hosts and produces original content for their social media. Kanika is thrilled to be working in a business that allows her to be surrounded by passionate artists, helping her achieve her goals of making a global impact through the art of communication. Kanika’s next venture is producing enlightening and powerful content pertaining to innovative and progressive thought – all under her brand – in order to leave an impact for the generations to come.

Dr. Katherine Gimmestad

Dr. Katherine Gimmestad is a licensed clinical psychologist with over 15 years of clinical experience and extensive training in research.  She has authored peer-reviewed articles in her discipline, and adheres closely to an evidence-based, scientific model in working with her primary population of Veterans.  Two years ago Katherine’s son, Alexander, was diagnosed with autism at 2 ½ years old.  Though the news was devastating, Katherine harnessed her knowledge in psychology and her background in research to help her son.  After examining all options for treatment and navigating the murky world of insurance coverage for autism therapies, Katherine first turned to evidence-based therapies.  She and her husband quickly saw major gains in Alexander, and feel fortunate to have discovered the PLAY Project by Dr. Solomon, in addition to more commonly known therapies (Applied Behavioral Analysis, Speech and Occupational Therapy).  Once nonverbal and completely disengaged, Alexander has recently tested into the range of normal on a standard preschool language test and is quite social, frequently demanding others to play with him – “Mommy, play with me!”  His future looks much brighter than it did upon diagnosis, which Katherine wishes for all parents of children on the autism spectrum.  Katherine is passionate about helping other parents of children with autism find the best resources and tools to help their child.

Colleen A. McHugh-Heflin

Senior Executive with 30+ years of progressive experience in the insurance industry, with a focus in healthcare and transformation.  Innovative, purpose driven, and impactful with a passion for leading, developing, and implementing complex, high profile strategic business initiatives. Highly intuitive with a keen ability to link strategy with tactics focused on outcomes. Strong vision for identifying and understanding cross functional interdependencies. Able to provide early and accurate downstream assessment of ramifications regarding critical business decisions. Extensive experience working with multiple internal and external stakeholders, including at the C-suite and Board level and with Employer Coalitions.  Skilled leader who enjoys managing and developing teams, problem solving, and supporting a culture of growth.   Licensed life, health agent in all 50 states.

Colleen worked for Aetna Inc. for 27 years holding various roles across the enterprise.  She has in-depth experience in strategic planning, business development, go-to-market solutions, business operations and P&L management.  She was one of the original architects in the development of the Health Transformation Alliance, a collective of 45+ Fortune 250 companies with a goal of improving the way corporations provide health care benefits for their employees.  With extensive experience in Medicare, she co-led the development of Retiree Health Access for HR Policy Association member companies which launched in 2006.  Colleen joined the Association in 2011 as the President of the Health Care Policy Round-table and continues to manage the exchange for member companies and provide thought leadership to employers regarding the challenges in providing health care and best practices.  In addition to her role at the Round-table, Colleen is also the Strategic Adviser to the American Health Policy Institute.

Colleen resides in Madison, Connecticut with her husband, Jon.  She has two daughters – Erin and Kara, and two step-children Victoria and Brian.   She enjoys the outdoors and all the shoreline has to offer.  She is an active Yogi, likes to garden, bike, ski and hike with her English Lab, Bentley.