Additional Resources

Suicide Prevention

The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline provides 24/7, free and confidential support for people in distress, prevention and crisis resources for you or your loved ones, and best practices for professionals. NOTE: This online resource is managed by the same organization that manages the National Suicide Prevention Hotline.

The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention raises awareness, funds scientific research and provides resources and aid to those affected by suicide.

Many suicide prevention resources: Links to hotlines for veterans, foreign language, LGTBQ, and others, plus stories of those who have been there.
The Mighty is a safe, supportive community for people facing health challenges and the people who care for them.

Hope For The Day achieves proactive suicide prevention by providing outreach and mental health education.

Elyssa’s Mission provides resources to help prevent teen suicide. Elyssa’s Mission® funds and implements the evidence-based SOS Signs of Suicide® Prevention Program in 200 middle and high schools in Illinois.

A Guide to Understanding the Connection and Reducing Risk

Screening Questions

Addiction and Substance Abuse Recovery

American Addiction Centers provides a comprehensive set of resources to assist anyone needing help around addiction. An excellent resource.

Rehab Spot helps those struggling with addiction and their families find the information, support, and resources needed to get help.

At, our mission is to equip patients and families with the best information, resources and tools to overcome addiction and pursue lifelong recovery. We are here to help you or your loved one every step of the way.

Alcohol Help provides comprehensive information along with compassionate help, confidentiality and assistance with financing treatment.

Alcohol Rehab Guide is dedicated to helping people overcome alcoholism and achieve long-term sobriety. Their website contains  an abundance of useful information and resources to support people on their path to sobriety.

Alcohol Rehab Help can help guide you to the best rehabilitation and treatment resources, including relapse prevention.. is a community organization dedicated to empowering people suffering from substance abuse addiction with tools and resources to start their personal journey toward recovery. They create and publish comprehensive, unbiased, free web-based resources that have been featured and is referenced by many governmental agencies and organizations across the web.

Drug & Alcohol Addiction Rehab, Treatment & Recovery GUIDE and RESOURCES In Illinois

Here’s how to choose the right resource facility:

And a list of the best low cost rehab facilities:


JourneyPure provides In-Network drug and alcohol treatment programs within all military insurances, including VA Choice and Tricare systems.


Addiction can help you or a loved one find a top-rated drug and/or alcohol treatment program in your area.

Above and Beyond is a recovery center for individuals and families. They turn away no one.


Above and Beyond Final Gala Video from Dan Hostetler on Vimeo.

Scottsdale Recovery Center aspires to set a whole new standard for long-term success in treating addiction and relapse.

The Palm Beach Institute offers substance abuse detox and treatment. Services include residential care, intensive outpatient, family recovery, and male-only outpatient services.

Harmony Place treats addiction from a “whole person” perspective. They offer a variety of modalities within residential, outpatient, and transitional living alternatives.

Bedrock Recovery Center located in Canton, MA, is a Detox and Inpatient Residential recovery facility committed to helping those who struggle with Drug & Alcohol Addiction and Co-Occurring Disorders.

Dealing with Depression

From the Recovery Village Columbus Ohio, in partnership with, here is a selection of some of the best websites, organizations and other helpful resources available to anyone who has been diagnosed with or suspects they are suffering from depression.

This informative guide  provides information on the triggers and causes of depression, how to cope with depressive thoughts after a move, and beneficial wellness apps for mental health.

Other Organizations

This guide aims to educate parents, teachers, and school staff about the mental health struggles that children can face. The guide details how to identify potential signs of mental health crises in children, steps one can take to potentially prevent a crisis, as well as how to respond to immediate crises and emergencies.

The Mission of the Foundation for Excellence in Mental Health Care foundation is to connect the passion of private philanthropy with the world’s top researchers and programs to bring recovery–based care and supports to every community.

See also “Freed from Fear: Voice hearers help each other find their way

The Mission of the The National Mental Health Consumers’ Self-Help Clearinghouse is a peer-run national technical assistance and resource center that fosters recovery, self-determination, and community inclusion. The Clearinghouse serves individuals with lived experience of a mental health condition, peer-run service and advocacy organizations, family members, mental health professionals and service providers, policy makers, and the public.

PsychU is a free community and online resource library for mental health. Our members share one simple belief: enhanced information, increased collaboration, and ongoing discussion will lead to improved mental health care and patient outcomes for individuals with mental illnesses.

Based in India, the The Mission of the National Institute of Mental Health and Neurosciences has the vision to be a world leader in the area of Mental Health and Neurosciences, and evolve state-of-the-art approaches to patient care through translational research.

The Mission of the California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS) is an accredited university that strives to embody spirit, intellect, and wisdom in service to individuals, communities, and the earth. CIIS expands the boundaries of traditional degree programs with transdisciplinary, cross-cultural, and applied studies utilizing face-to-face, hybrid, and online pedagogical approaches. Offering a personal learning environment and supportive community, CIIS provides an excellent multifaceted education for people committed to transforming themselves, others, and the world.

Mental Health Continuum

This scale was developed by the folks at We think it’s a fun and interesting way to identify how people are feeling. Use with #SameHere hashtag.