About Journey

Journey Shay Montague-Bauer was born in Lansing, Michigan on March 20, 1987. He brightened the world with his huge smile, tender heart, and quick wit. Journey excelled as an honor student at the University of Michigan School of Economics. He loved listening to and making music and was blessed with a great sense of humor and a contagious laugh. Journey touched many lives and inspired numerous people with his strength and courage.

As a college student, Journey began experiencing mental health challenges. Almost immediately, Journey was given a hopeless prognosis; the best he could expect was to manage a myriad of symptoms with medication. Journey’s family searched exhaustively for solutions that could provide a path to wellness. Meanwhile, hospitalizations and medications were forced by the state and Journey began to isolate himself. During one of his four symptomatic years, Journey was diagnosed with somatic delusional disorder which is characterized by an otherwise healthy person obsessing over symptoms that have no medical basis. Journey desperately wanted to live but vehemently believed he was dying of a colon disease. Writing was one of the ways he sought to make sense of his experience. 

I am not on a path that was cut short. I am simply on a short path. Some combination of destiny and free choice mixed up this batch of reality. I hope that after my death the laws of the universe allow me to witness the rest of humanity. Even if I can not “play the sport”, I am a fan of humanity and I would like to watch.” – A quote from Journey’s blog, 2010

Sadly, Journey’s life did end too soon, but not as he had feared it would. After his ninth hospitalization, believing he could levitate, Journey stepped off a six-story building and died. 

Following his death, Journey’s family was disheartened to learn he had been taking five prescribed psychiatric medications, with multiple contraindications. Furthermore, some of the medications are known to cause hallucinations and all of them carried warnings of suicidal ideation. 

Fueled by grief and their desire to help others who may be looking for innovative mental health solutions, Journey’s family co-founded Journey’s Dream. The quote from his blog (above) gives a brief glimpse into Journey’s desire for humanity. Until his last breath, his dream was to help others. Now, it is our dream as well.